2023 Possibly Another Clutch Starting Soon!

Keep an eye out! There will be more activity around the nest as we get closer to them nesting!

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Owl Box

About Barn Owls

Our Story:
How we got our owl box…

We had some friends at our church who had several owl boxes. Apparently, you shouldn’t have too many within a certain amount of area. Anyway, they asked me one day, “Would you like an owl box?” My reply was, “What’s an owl box?” Haha!

We laughed and they told me that it was a box for owls, for a home. I thought was  super cool, so of course, I said yes. They gave us the information about putting it up and my husband proceeded to get it up on our barn. We were pretty excited!

The 1st year, we had a male come and call for a female. (We know this now that we have learned more and see ours interacting together). Well, he stayed for about three weeks, but no female came. So, he left and must have nested somewhere else that year. 

The next year, early on, this male came and called for his mate. She soon after, joined him. Here’s how the scenario plays out in my mind, he is the same owl that came the previous year but wasn’t able to find his mate until he left. But, after they settled down into their domain that first year, they began chatting about the awesome pad he had found down the way and would have to go back there the following year! Now, I do know that it is likely that this is not how things went down, but I choose to believe it is! Haha! 

We believe that this couple has stayed with us all this time. This will be their 4th year with us and we are extremely blessed by it! We were told, and also had researched, that they would leave each year after their young had fledged. So,  we had been waiting for that to happen so that we would be able to put an inside camera in our box. But, each year, they would stay and we didn’t want to disturb them and take the chance that they would be scared off and abandon it. So, each year we would wait and each year we would hear them still around and sometimes see them flying so we would stay away from the box. 

This year (or I should say last year, 2019), however, my husband decided he wanted to see if they were still there. So, he climbed up on top of our barn and put his cell phone up to the opening of the box and took a picture. Low and behold, there was no one in the box, it was empty. He jumped on the opportunity right away and ordered us an inside camera. As soon as it arrived, he climbed up on the barn and installed it into the nest box. We had realized that the owls were still around because we would still hear and see them at night but not during the day, so we took advantage of that. We spent several days adjusting the camera angle to get it as perfect as we could and got another computer that we could devote to streaming the camera so others, such as yourself, could enjoy our sweet owls as much as we do! We are so excited for this new experience and are hoping it will be exciting for you as well! 

We have done quite a bit of research on barn owls so that we could give you some general information on this site, but we are still learning all the time!

This information has come from our research of various sights and documentation that is available online about Barn Owls. It is not a complete source of information but does cover much of the general information that we found interesting. We’ve also added to this site some information that we have observed through watching our own nest box web cam.

If you should want more information then what is provided here, we found this source to be very helpful and where we were able to get quite a bit of our information:

If you are interested in reading more information on these beautiful creatures, please feel free to check out our information page.