2022 Timeline - Preparations and Eggs

2022 - Preparing For Nesting

January 2022 – Such sad news - Gerald & Gertrude are gone!

  • We have some sad news! It looks like Gerald & Gertrude have probably passed away while we've been on break from the live feed. We spotted Gerald for a little while after the fledgling's left, but really didn't see much of Gertrude at all. After a couple months, we weren't seeing him anymore! It has been a sad realization but we suspected it was coming!

Jan. 1 - New Male Hanging around the Nest

Jan. 3 – New Female showed up!

Jan. 4 – Possible Newcomer Couple Developing: Video

  • As life has its endings, it also has its new beginnings & we are excited to share that it does look like we have a new couple spending time around our nest box & are hoping to see some nesting soon! Here are some pictures of our new couple.

Jan. 5 - New Love Brewing: Video

Jan. 8 - First Mating of New Couple 2022: Video

Jan. 9 - New Couple Snuggles 2022: Video

Feb. 7 - Our new male has brought 2 food drops into the box for our new female in the early morning hours, although at this time, she leaves the nest box to eat! But, hopefully there will be nesting soon!

Feb. 10 – 1st Meal In Box!

Feb. 14 – Early am - Happy Valentine's Day! Mr. Owl bring his love a Valentine Bunny!

  • Owl delivers two more Valentine Bunnies!

Feb. 15 – Both Mr. & Mrs. Owl stay in the box for the day!

Feb. 21 - Mrs. Owl is not happy about another visiting owl hanging around the nest box! Video

Feb. 22 - Mr. & Mrs. Barn Owl stayed in the box again today!

Feb. 24 - Only Mrs. Owl stays today!

Feb. 25 - Mrs. Owl stays again!

Feb. 26 - Mrs. Owl stays again! Today we have our 1st egg laid about 10:21.

  • First site of egg 10:43:33

Feb. 27 - She was off egg 3x for about 35-40 mins early in the early  morning hours...not sure what that is all about!

Feb. 28 - Bernard's 1st encounter with eggs! Video

Mar. 2 - Bernard hasn't brought food the last 2 nights but I did see Betty head down into the yard & was gone for a bit. Maybe she got something.

  • Egg #3 Laid

Mar. 3 - No Food Drops

Mar. 4 - I believe Betty went out & hunted on her won & possibly got a bite. Bernard drops off a big rat.

Mar. 5 - No Food Drops

Mar. 6 - Food Drop - Yay

  • Egg #4 Laid

Mar. 9 - Food Drops - 3 Rats & a Bunny