About Us

We love Barn Owls!  Since we were given our Barn Owl box, we have been so excited getting to experience having them on our property and watching their daily interactions!

We are just a small family who are blessed to live on a little piece of land in southern California. As soon as we got our box, we put it above our barn and waited to see if a Barn Owl pair would decide that it would be their home! It took about a year and then our sweet Gerald and Gertrude showed up!

We got our first outside camera about three years after they moved in. That was so very exciting! In 2019, we got a camera for the inside of the nest box and thought it would be nice to let others enjoy our owls with us! So, we worked hard to set up a live feed on youtube.com. It has been a wonderful experience sharing our nest box and its inhabitants with people all over the world!

Subscribe and watch us live on: Barn Owl Nest Box Live on Youtube.com 
You can also find our other owl video clips there
If you have any questions or would like to contact us for any reason, you can email us at:

[email protected].