Our Barn Owls

We love Barn Owls!  Since we were given our Barn Owl box in 2015, we have been so excited getting to experience having them on our property and watching their daily interactions!

Gerald and Gertrude


It took about a year until our sweet Gerald and Gertrude showed up! They stayed around through 2021. They had many clutches while using our nest box and in 2019, we were able to get a camera for inside the box and experience 3 years of viewing our little family of owls!

At the end of 2021, after Gerald and Gertrude raised their sweet fledglings, they gradually disappeared and we haven't seen them sense.

We know that they lived a nice long life for wild Barn Owls and are so very thankful we were able to experience so much joy watching them! They will be greatly missed! Gerald and Gertrude were so sweet to each other and so sweet and committed to their little owls as they raised them! They were great parents!
Gertrude (Left) and Gerald (right)

Bernard and Betty

As life has its endings, it also has its new beginnings & we are excited to share that it does look like we have a new couple spending time around our nest box & are hoping to see some nesting soon! Here are some pictures of our new couple.


We are very happy to see new love seeming to be brewing! A male has been hanging around for a little while and we just spotted a female yesterday (1/3/22). This is our new male and we have decided to name him Bernard!

He has some darker coloring with an oblong light patch on his left wing and small light spot on his right wing. The lines on his tail are fairly close together with the last line being lighter than the others.

Things are moving along very quickly. It seems we now have new residents who have made our nest box their home! It is truly exciting, especially after our loss of Gerald and Gertrude! They were such a blessing to so many of us, but I expect we will all fall in love with these two new sweethearts too!

This is our new female and we have decided to name her Betty!

She has dark coloring too and a rectangular shaped light patch on both of her wings. Her tail lines have wider gaps between them then those of Bernard. She has a light chest with a small amount of spots, unlike many other females.

Bernard (Left) and Betty (right)

Bernard and Mrs. B - 2023

Well, as life often does, it threw us another curve ball when our babies from last year were three weeks old. As soon as they were able to eat whole prey and mom left during the day, she never returned to the box! We all were so sad, but Dad was a pro at taking care of the babies until all of them had completely fledged and were off on their own!

This year, he has brought another beautiful mate in to create a new family of their own! She is a great mama and we decided to just call her Mrs. B.

Here is a picture of her.

Here's one of our New Couple -

Bernard (Left) and Mrs. B (right)

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